Jun 29, 2018

UV Gel Nails Kit – UV Gel Nails Full Set 2018

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UV gel nails is a new transformation in nail extension world. It is used the gel which will be ray using ultraviolet light to activate and bound the gel with the nails. It is stronger than other nail extension methods. It cannot easily be soaked and with the proper treatment, uv gel nails can stand for three and a half weeks. In the other hand, it looks more natural comparing with the acrylic one.

For the design, this kind of nail extension is like other methods. It can use any ornaments such as the gems, caviar, cotton, glitter, etc. You can make uv gel nails not only in the salon, but also at home; as long as you have all of the manicure tools for it including the UV light. And when your new nail grows, you only need to add the gel on it and add your extension without putting off the old extension.


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