Jun 25, 2018

Nail Art Tutorial: 3 Simple DIY Designs! – Do you want to try?

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When you look at a nail art design, you wonder whether you can do one for yourself. If you search the internet, there would be numerous Nail Art Tutorial designs that you can start on. These tutorials are designed keeping in mind that you are a beginner and what challenges you would face when undertaking it.  For your convenience here are 3 simple DIY designs which you could start immediately.

DIY Design 1: French Manicure with Neon Polka Dots

1.    Clean your nails with a nail polish remover and shape them.

2.    Add the white base coat on your nails.

3.    Now take two neon colors of your choice which could be blue and green and them alternately make the dots on the edge of your nails.

4.    When making the dots you can use a metal Q tip or a sharp pin. Here you would need to dip the end of the pins into the nail polish and then apply it on the base of the nails.

5.    When doing t

he polka dots keep a good distance between them.

6.    Once the nails paints have dried add the masking top coat and leave it to dry.

DIY Design 2: Monochromatic Black & White Lines

Here is another dazzling nail art design which is easily available in any nail art tutorial.

1.    Clean your nail

s and shape the nails into square shapes.

2.    Add the white nail polish.

3.    Now take a black nail polish and apply it on alternate nails. Here would have black nail coats in three fingers and white nail coats in two fingers.

4.    Once the nail paints dry take a white pearly nail polish and add 3 lines on your nails and cross them.

5.    Here it is best to take small amounts of nail polish and keep your hands steady when pulling the lines. When the horizontal lines have dried up,

you can add the vertical lines.

6.    If you want you can add a few multicolored stones in the middle and this would add glamour to your nail designs.

7.    Before adding the stones add the top paint and then the stones.

DIY Design 3: Same Colored Nail Art Design

1.    Shape your nails and clean them in warm soapy water.

2.    Now dry your nails and once dried add the base white coat.

3.    Next choose your favorite nail polish color and three shades of the same color group. For example you can choose fuchsia pink, baby pink and pearly pink which has a silver shine to it.

4.    First add the fuchsia pink on the your nails, then leave some place and apply the baby pink over it and finally a few inches from the nail tips add the pearly silver pink nail polish.

5.    Once the nail paints have dried apply the top coat to seal the colors.

6.    Your spunky nail art design is ready to be shown off.

Perfect French Nails At Home DIY Tutorial:

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