Jun 5, 2018

Nail Art Designs Come of Age–The World Recognizes This Art Form

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Nail Art Designs

Nail art designs are available for all ages and sizes and races. Women and girls are always trying to find new ways to make themselves happier and feel better. So many have grown to find accessories and outfits to match their personality. Everyone loves to dress in style. This day and age, everything is about bright bold colors and fashion accessories that match. Everyone loves to experiment with different techniques and styles to keep up with the new trends. One of the hottest new trends is nail art designs. This trend is one that can make or break your outfit. People are more worried about their nails matching their outfits then their accessories.

Nail Art Designs as Self-Expression

Nail Art Designs Come of Age–The World Recognizes This Art FormNail art is the development of small painted patterns or other designs applied to the nail directly or on artificial nails. There are a variety of techniques to bring beauty to the fingertips; many women have become addicted to this creative pastime. If you conduct a search on the Internet for nail design pictures you’ll see thousands of examples of elaborate designs.

It is a new fad that everyone is hooked on. It isn’t about just painting your nails anymore. It is about the design and the colors, not just one color. Salons have implemented thousands of colors into their color pallets will hundreds of pictures of designs to choose from. Little girls are asking for nail art kits for Christmas and their birthdays so they can learn how to do their own designs. People don’t just pull out one color of nail polish when someone asks to see what they have. Instead they have a table filled with countless bottles of color and several bottles of powders, dusts, gems, and jewels.

It is about creating a masterpiece on your finger nails and your toe nails. Expressing yourself through the colors of the rainbow. No longer are the days where each nail matches the next. Now you can do a design on one nail, two nails, or all nails. The designs do not need to match nor even be related to the same general design. Polka dots, swirls, rainbows, characters, animals, and more are displayed in a way to show your creativity.

There are so many tools that can be used to help you that you would normally just have around the house. Tweezers, pencils, eye shadow, tape, glue, and more. You wouldn’t think the simple things around the house could create such gorgeous pieces of art on fingernails. Just a light dusting of glitter can make your fingernails pop. Create bubbles and crackles and spider webs. Show your softer side with sunsets and palm trees. The possibilities are endless with nail art design. Have a manicure party and everyone do a nail for everyone else. You will be amazed at what you can come up with.

Nail art design has become a hot new trend all across the world. Salons have had more business now than ever before. Those who thought they had no artistic talent whatsoever are finding they can create works of art like never before. Try it out today and see what you can come up with. Show your friends at school or work. Take pictures and post them to social media sites to receive feedback on your latest design. Just writing this article has inspired me to check out new designs and colors.

Another quick search will display historical drawings and paintings as well as sculptures of men and women throughout the ages sporting elaborate designs under the fingernails. From India, China, to ancient Egypt, nail decoration represented beauty, status and wealth.

The point of it all is the self-expression and the individuality of style that comes with being different. It’s no longer enough to simply have red nails, now it is important to have your favorite cartoon characters or flames shooting off your fingertips. You can simply have anything you want.

Beauty, Nail Art Designs and the Sense of Self
Groomed nails are a sure sign that you care about your appearance and that gives you a sense of pride about the way you look. Many women who are determined to keep the look of their nails fresh and well-tended to will visit the nail salon as much as once a week to ensure that their work of art is well maintained.

Although women prefer to do their own nail art designs others are quite happy to be pampered and pay for it. Many find the brief time in the salon to be a valuable break from their everyday activity; it becomes a miniature get-away from their everyday world. Nail art designs become a means for acknowledging beauty and a sense of self through a very public forum–the hands.

Women of all ages can now purchase their complete kit including polishes, lacquers, polish remover, Emery boards, cuticle sticks, cuticle creams as well as adhesive sparklers, miniature beads and glitter. Acrylic nails are big right now; their strength and durability make them perfect for artificial nails.

They can be shaped, sanded, colored, they accept adhesive which makes them perfect for three-dimensional sculptures. Nail designs and acrylics were made for each other. Women around the world now express themselves from simple shapes and colors to elaborate sculptures as a means of expressing their individuality.

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