Jul 8, 2018

How to Do Easy Nail Designs the Perfect Way? – TUTORIAL

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It is not important for you to be an excellent artist in order to do easy nail designs. Making different designs on the nails is the hottest trend nowadays and there are a lot of women found strolling down the streets with some cute nail designs. This is a trend that has caught the market very fast and is increasingly growing popular among women. Doing easy nail designs in the best way possible is not at all difficult and expensive because you do not need the services of an expert for this purpose. If you are still apprehensive about this fact and wonder how to do easy nail designs, then you must keep reading. The best thing that you can do is get hold of some simple and awesome nail designs that can be tried out all alone.

Different Nail Art Designs

Women are found wearing different designed nails every day and his proves the fact that nail design or art is a rage these days. From artistic to sparkling and colorful, there are boundless possibilities that exist in the field of nail art. Visiting the salon every week can turn out to be an expensive affair and if you are looking for the ways on How To Do Easy Nail Designs then get hold of some do it yourself nail designs.

Newspaper Nails

This design is artistic and fun and at the same time this design can be made very easily. The nails need to be painted in light color like light pink, light blue or white. Next allow the nails to dry completely. After this, dip your nails in rubbing alcohol and then apply a newspaper press on the nails with the print side facing the nails. This should be done for at least twenty to thirty seconds and then the newspaper should be removed. This procedure will automatically transfer the print on to your nails. After a minute, make use of a sealing polish of high-quality to hold the print onto your nails.

Glitter Tips

This is another adorable design, glitzy and colorful, perfect for night parties or a dinner with friends. You must start by making use of a clear nail polish for masking the nails. Next, apply glitters of different colors on the tips of your nails with your fingertips or with a glitter brush. The nails should then be allowed to dry completely and then a sealing nail polish should be applied on top so that the glitters stay in place.

Lace Nail Design

This is a cute nail design and in order to do this simple nail design you will require a lace that is wider than the length of your nails. Dark colors like black work perfectly well. You need to cut a piece of lace for each nail and in such a way that the lace fits perfectly well over your nail. After carrying out this step, you need to apply clear nail polish on your nails and then place the lace accordingly, one at a time. Next, a sealing polish should be applied on top of the lace so that the lace can be kept in place.

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