Green Tea to Lose Weight

greentea benefits - Green Tea to Lose Weight

Weight loss programs have been a major concern worldwide, especially in affluent countries. There are many programs that most obese or overweight people have been encouraged to undertake. Most of these programs include; fitness programs and dietary reference programs. One amazing aspect in these weight loss programs is the use of green tree to lose weight. Most weight loss program patients are now using green tea to loose excess weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

Importance of green tea in loosing weight
Green tree is used to cure many diseases and is also used to maintain the normal metabolism of the human body. Recently medical practitioners and scientists have discovered the fat burning effects of green tea. This research has been a major break through in the bid to find a safe method of losing weight. There many important compounds found in green tea that are useful to the good health state of the human body. The compounds include polyphenols which have their importance in burning and in the shedding off excess fats. Green tea has become the most popular method of shedding off excess fat mostly due to the fact that it has no known side effects yet. Research is still being undertaken to see if green tea has side effects on the human body.

Green tea may also be put under the category of cheap and easy methods of losing weight. Resent research work in Switzerland has shown that, you can lose up to eighty calories on a daily basis if you take in an average of three cups a day. Doctors have even encouraged heart attack and obese patients to drink green tea, in order to reduce the incidences of heart attacks.

Effect of green on rate of metabolism
Various research work collected worldwide has shown that green tree has an effect on metabolism. Green tree increases the use of energy by the human body by making food energy readily available. This reduces the mounting up of excess energy in the human body, which can be converted into fats. This is of great importance to obese patients who exercise on a daily basis. Green tea also increases the rate of oxidation of fats. Green tea also reduces the levels of insulin significantly. High levels of insulin promote the build up of excess fat and their storage. Green tea can also be used as an appetite depressant for those who can’t stop eating.

There are now green tea derivatives and pills that are being produced, which have the same effect as green tea. This has become the easiest and safest weight loss method.

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