Jun 26, 2018

As a Beginner Get Ready to Explore These Amazing Nail Art Ideas

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The first traces of nail art history can be traced back to the Chinese, 3000 years ago when these used an enamel to decorate their nails. A few hundred centuries later Indians also used henna to decorate their nails when they decorated their hands with exquisite henna designs. Have you tried nail art? If you have not thinking that it is very difficult, here some amazing nail art ideas which beginners like you can use.

Drawing stars in your nail design

If you are undertaking a nail design for the first time, you would need a nail art kit and two favorite nail colors where one can be silver or gold in color. After adding a base paint which would protect your nails and stop them from becoming yellow, you can apply the main color. Once the nail paint dries off you can add small gold or silver spots in the nail area. Here you should be careful so that you do not put too many of them. Using a toothpick you can carefully draw stars on the metal colored spots you had created earlier. It is essential to mention here that you need to be quick and steady with your hands when you do this nail design.

Ombre Nails

One of the popular Nail Art Ideas of 2014 would ombre nail designs. Here you take two nail colors of the same or contrasting color groups. You can add the lighter color as the base nail color and the darker color can be applied like a half moon on the upper nail area of the nails. This is a simple and easy way to use nail art. Funky colors can be used and this would color up your personality.

Using nail stickers

If you are not very confident to use nail art by yourself, you can use nail stickers. Nail stickers come in various designs and textures. They can be used by beginners of nail arts and the adhesive can be used to stick them in the nails. When using them do remember not to use any scratched or torn stickers as this would give a bad impression. You can also apply a transparent polish on the nail stickers once they are dry.

Have you heard about newspaper nail designs?

You create newspaper nail designs by using a pale color on your nails as a base color. Then brush your nails with alcohol and then stick a few pieces of newspaper on them. Again apply a few light brushes of alcohol on the nail and then the newsprint of the alcohol would be transferred on the nail paint. You can seat the newsprint by adding a transparent color over them. Your beautiful newspaper nail design is ready to be wowed by everybody.

Stripped nail designs

In this nail art idea you would need to add a base color on your nails and then use metallic or any other contrasting colors at the side of the nail like a triangle. You can also create two bands of strips and criss cross them. This is very simple to undertake and looks very beautiful when done the right way.

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