Jun 16, 2018

9 Amazing Airbrush Nail Art Designs with Pictures

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Airbrush Your Nails to Perfection on Your Own

Every girl loves pretty nails and every man loves to see their girls be it wife or daughters with nicely done up nails.

Getting a manicure can hurt your purse at times, what more if you want to get your nails done with an airbrush design. Today’s market understands your needs and has made pretty nails easy by manufacturing home kits for you to do on your own.

You can airbrush your nails to perfection in any design for a much cheaper price if you do it at home.

First thing to do would be to look for the stencil design you want which can generally be found in beauty stores or even in nail salons. If it’s your first time doing it, pick something simple before going on the elaborate designs. To make sure that the design last longer, clean off any remaining nail polish from before and wash your hand to remove any oil or lotion residue.

For the perfect airbrushed nails, you would need to apply a base coat first so that the design will come out evenly.

Let that dry completely then apply the color you’d like to base the design and let your nails dry once more before applying the stencil. Using an airbrush gun, paint over the stencil with the colors you want and take extra care to be careful and not in a rush. If the colors overspill, don’t worry; just keep doing till you’re done.

Using a moisturizing Do Your Nails nail polish remover, wipe up the excess nail colors and then once again leave it to dry.

The last step would be to apply a top coat to protect the design from chipping and to let your airbrushed nails last longer as well. If you’ve got a nail dryer, that would speed up the process. So sit back, relax and Do Your Nails do your nails and pamper yourself. After all, every women deserves a good day.

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