Jul 7, 2018

5 Different Cute Fast and Simple Nail Art Designs

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Most of us love the nail art designs of others but are scared deep inside to apply it on your own nails because we mistake it for a complicated piece of art. Creating a nail art design is a simple but technical task. It requires patience as well as experience. If you are new to design nails, you will basically start with simpler and colorful nail designs. Make yourself in the trend of nail design. We are here to share some tips with you!

Beginners must go for simple nail designs:

1. Alternate The Colors:

Apply different nail polish colors to each nail of the finger is a way to draw others attention. It is one of the simplest ways and very easy for beginners.

2. Use Effect shines:

Various effect nail polishes available in the market like Crackle effect, Croc effect, Magnetic effect, Colour changing polishes etc. make use of them for a quick and distinct look of your nails.

3. Nail stickers are easiest to use:

There is a lot of variety of nail stickers available in different designs. Once you purchase them, the instructions will be written on the pamphlet and all you need to do is to follow those simple instructions. This is the easiest way for beginners.

4. Dot- design Manicure:

A very easy way to make a good looking nail art design is to create some polka dots on the nails to give them simpler yet elegant look. You can also make flowers on the nails as well. Flowers will look more awesome especially in summer.

5. Stripes Nail Art Design:

Stripes make the nails look attractive; you need to g a striper pen in order to create stripes. Once you are used to of it, you can buy a brush for this purpose.

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