Jun 30, 2018

30 Nail Design for Short Nails Beginners 2018

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Nail art for short nails will need a bit of extra accuracy than usual. This is because the medium or broad nails that would have drawn wide are not wide. Therefore then you have two options. The first option is to use nail art for short nails in simple design.

You can use a maximum of two colors, but are divided into two parts. In addition, there is also a design that does not require extensive nail width. The second option is a combination of colors that you would expect.

Since nail art for short nails requires high accuracy it is advisable to enlist the services of the nail artist to do so. Too much preparation you should start. But actually you can also apply some simple design and very suitable for beginners. Advantage of short nails is durability. This is because the nails short will very rarely get a collision that is not easily chipped nail polish and nail to be broken.

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