Jun 19, 2018

25 Best Glamour Nail Design Ideas 2018

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Glamour nails are a nail art that gives you brilliant colors such as gleaming, gemstone accent, red and blue and eye-catching style and eye-catching colors that will reveal your identity. An example of glamour nail manicure is Jasmine Manicure with Gemstones. This nail art has a three-dimensional element made up of small precious stones that are beautifully placed on your nails on the strong blue color. Gemstones and Jasmine Manicure is a recommended nail for fulfilling your glamorous style.

The Red and Gold manicure is a beautiful eye-catching nail art to satisfy your need to be eye-catching. The red and gold manicure has a strong red color with a golden gleam spread over a red color. This manicure will create attractive nails on your beautiful fingers and eventually you will get a strong, bold look that fits your style. This eye-catching color has a brilliant appearance and is suitable for shiny skin.

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