Jun 19, 2018
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24 Creating White Nail Designs 2018

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White nail designs look pure yet cool, the white nail color is also compatible to any other kind of shirt color, so you don’t have to worry about choosing specific outfit colors to match with your premade nail art. You can add many different white nail designs on your fingers, for example is snowflakes. The snowflakes are very beautiful and it’s rather easy to create snowflake design on your nails, all you need to collect is patience because if you are not being patient, you will mess things up.

You can also put many other geometric white nail designs and you can make it totally perfect. All you need is some cut-off papers made in different kind of shapes. Once you create the cut-off paper, you can cover some part of your nail with it, so you won’t color places you will put with different color. Have fun coloring your nails.

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