Jun 13, 2018
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20 Cool Zebra Nail Designs 2018

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Most of the girls  like nail designs . But most of the nail design is in single color. It’s boring to use single color nail design. But this zebra nail design gives you an excellent look to your nails. It is available in different color combination not only with white and black color combination like zebra. The design is so unique . Anyone can do nail design by knowing some basic tips.

Tips for zebra nail design

  • Remove old nail polish
  • Manicure
  • Shape the nails
  • Apply base color
  • Draw design
  • Use nail color

Remove old nail polish:-The first step is to remove your old nail polish if you have. Dip the cotton in nail polish remover and polish off your old one. Use quality nail polish remover. Don’t scratch your nail polish to remove the old nail polish.

Manicure:-At first keep your hand and nail cleaner. Dip your hand in lukewarm water with 2 drops of lime juice. It cleans your hand and soften your nail. Sometimes small dust in the nail spoils the shining of the zebra nail design. So keep clean nails.

Shape the nails:- Shaping the nails improve the beauty of the zebra nail design. You can trim your nail tip at different shape as flat, curve, sharp edge etc., doesn’t keep nail too short. Because it is difficult to design short nails.

Apply base color:- Try to choose a light color as a base color which is more attractive. Now apply your base color. It is not only for highlighting the design and it also prevents nail polish from spreading.

Draw design:- Choose dark color for design. Draw the zebra design using a small brush for better design.

Use nail color:- Use nail color for top coat and it gives shine to your zebra nail design. And it keeps your nail color longer life.

20 Cool Zebra Nail Designs 2018 Gallery:

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