Jun 22, 2018
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18 Cute White Nail Designs 2018

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Nail art has been used for decorating nails of hands and toes for years. This is the most innovative way to embellish nails. It does not only hide nails if they are not properly cleaned and manicured but it also gives them a beautiful look that has potential to inspire a group of people you meet or come in contact with. You and your hands always get noticed when you have applied something untraditional but artful on your nails.

This attention also comes when you are serving your guests, writing or giving a lecture to your class because your hands are always in use. This is why nail art has made an appearance.  Almost every woman has applied it and gained a lot of appreciation for the uniqueness of designs and colors applied to her nails.

Although one can use any color of nail polish to apply nail art but white color is the best way to beautify your nails. Many of you would say that how a single white color is going to embellish nails when other exciting colors are available. These people may be right but most of women do not like dark colors. They want to beautify their hands with white color as it can go with every dress you wear or any color you pick for an evening. For such women, white nail designs are a go.

Be sure that I am not suggesting using only white color for nail art rather I am telling to use white as a base color to go with a little touch of dark so that hands and toes look more beautiful. This is because not only many dark shades of nail polish go with white but you can also use pearls, stones, flowers, sparkling powders, stars etc. to go with white nail designs. Just imagine, when your whole home is painted with white and you decor it with bright colors, it enhances the beauty of everything.

Here is another option, if you do not want to use any stones or pearls on your nails, you can use any light color nail polish in the background and then apply white nail designs of your choice on your nails. You can make white nail designs giving swirls, strips, dots, waves, flowers etc.

Black and white is also a great combination. White nail designs on black color are ultimate choice for many people. They look extra elegant and sophisticated. They also seem very glamorous for themes of black and white parties.

One must remember that white nail designs are very easy to create as compared to other colors. When you are doing a combination of two dark colors on your nails, it may not turn out good and you may need to practice and test before final application of nail art for an event. But when it comes to white nail designs, you can apply them easily as everything goes with white. All embellishments and colors correspond well with white that makes the job easier. This is why, white nail designs are said to be the best choice for women at home.

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