Jul 10, 2018

17 Beautiful Wedding Nail Designs

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Super wedding special for every girl. Infact, the wedding day is one of the most important days of his life  becauseon that day, she was the daughter of!! Not tomention, every bride wants to look her best on the day of the wedding.Here are some of the most beautiful nail art design inspirational for you! Perfect for a party!

This is a stunning red nail art. If the bride wears a red gown with gold adornment, thisdesign would be perfectblend and complement her dress. India Bridal mehndi andusually have a bracelet, this design will look very traditional but glam with people too!

This design can be achieved by applying the nail color of red as a base coat. Then usea marker pen or use goldcolored gold nail art pen, draw out a beautiful floral designon the nail. Then finish with top coat. You can add somegold rhinestones to give you light it up!

Purple is royalty and Wara class. Combined with gold, easily giving the light of beauty and elegance. This nail art is perfect if you have a touch of purple in your dress.

This design can be achieved by applying the color purple Nail Polish as a base coat.Then use a marker pen or use gold colored gold nail art pen, draw out a beautifulfloral design on the nail. Then finish with top coat. You can add some gold rhines tonesto give you light it up!

This is a super stylish design, and this can be done both on the hands and feet as well.First start with a base coatof transparent. Then, apply the blue (or color of your dress)-only on tips to nail a few nails and on full for the rest ofthe nail. Once dried, the pastelarge rhinestones in the middle with nail glue. Then use the gold beads are small andother small rhinestones to the border. You’re Done!


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