Jul 2, 2018
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16 Cool Galaxy Nail Design & Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial(Video)

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Galaxy nails are a standout amongst the most prominent nail art designs as of now. This nail exercise demonstrates five distinctive galaxy nail designs: Milky Way nail art, full moon in the night sky nail design, cloud nails, water marble galaxy nail art and an Ombre galaxy nail art. Numerous galaxy nail art thoughts in one nail art exercise! However don’t stress, these galaxy or space nail designs are simple and easy to make. Impeccable DIY nail art for amateurs – I demonstrate every galaxy design orderly.

cool galaxy nail design 1 - 16 Cool Galaxy Nail Design & Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial(Video)

For the Milky Way nail art design you require a nonessential wipe, dark nail clean, a couple of shades of blue clean, white and a yellow nail shine. To give the nails a few stars and shimmer apply a glittery clean on top.

The full moon in the night sky design is one of my top picks galaxy nail art designs. The devices you have to make this galaxy design are a stripper (I have a DIY nail art stripper exercise on my channel, make a point to look at it!) and a pencil or a bigger spotting apparatus. With the eraser part of the pencil you can make an impeccable circle for the moon nail art. With the stripper make some bigger stars by drawing an in addition to sign and with a toothpick littler stars that are further away. I cherish this cartoon night sky nail art design. It is super charming!

Cloud nail art design is not difficult to make and dependably turns out decent and perfect. You don’t need to be exact whatsoever. This galaxy nail art utilizing a wipe is exceptionally adorable. You can add some pink and violet to make the design all the more girly, fascinating and brilliant. On top apply a sparkle nail shine to add stars and shimmer to your nails. This galaxy design is the most effortless and easiest out of the group, you don’t need to be exact whatsoever – ideal for nail art novices.

The most fun nails to make are without a doubt the Water marble galaxy nails. You can play with distinctive colors and make diverse designs on the water surface. I went for brighter shades to make a galactic focus. I like the water marble galaxy nails as they are brisk to make and look astonishing. In the event that you don’t know much about the water marble nail art strategy, look at my channel – I have a regulated water marble exercise for fledglings there!

Ombre galaxy nails are made utilizing a nonessential wipe, high contrast shine and two shades of blue nail shine. Making an inclination nail art with a wipe is truly easy to make along these lines speedy! On top apply a sparkle nail shine to bring this ombre galactic night sky together. I truly trust you appreciate this galaxy nail art thoughts exercise and that you’ll attempt some galaxy nail art designs yourself!

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