Jul 1, 2018
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15 Adorable Toe Nail Designs For This Summer 2018

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There was a time when people used to give more attention to their face than any other part of the body. After that, attention was given to beautify hands and embellishments were introduced for that very reason. But now the time has come when attention is being given to feet and toes as it is given to other parts of body. Considering the value of feet, terms like sexy feet and toe cleavages have been introduced in fashion world and if you ask men that which part of body of women, they first look at, most of them would say it’s their feet.

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So, considering all this attention that is being given to feet, toe nail art has been lately introduced so that women can beauty their toe nails just like their faces and hands.

Toe nails are being used extensively as a big canvas for applying nail art. It totally depends on a woman how she wants to carry toe nail art on her feet. One can match the toe nails with makeup they are wearing or contrast it with the clothes. But one important thing is that you should try to match fingernail art with toe nail art, otherwise, it will give a very contrasting message to people who are looking at your stunning body.

If you come up with creative ideas for your toe nails, it will definitely inspire people around you and you may be known as fashion diva in your group. But one must remember that whatever idea you pick for toe nail art, you should make it correspond well with the theme of your overall dressing. If you have applied one nail design on your fingers and another on toe nails and some crzy make up on your face then instead of getting admiration, you may end up having critical remarks for your dress and embellishments. So, it is important to always follow a theme.

Tips to remember for toe nail designs:

One must remember that only applying toe nail designs is not going to beautify your feet. You have to do little extra effort if you want your toe nail design to look nice. You should moisture your feet regularly to keep them soft.

Toe nail designs are more prone to wear and tear as women walk recklessly. So, it is important to apply nail art in a proper manner and if it starts fading either fix it or remove it. Because faded toe nails do not look good to the eye.

Always try to match the color of your toe nail design with your foot wear as it looks more elegant and gives the message that you have thought through the overall theme of the evening.

If you use any accessories like spangles or beads on toe nails, you should make sure that it sticks properly.

Always try to use colors for toe nail designs which enhance the natural color of your feet. If your skin tone is dark, do not use sharp colors.

If you are really interested in toe nail art, you can search online for various designs and wear a new look each day.

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