Jun 12, 2018

11 Simple Nail Art Design Ideas 2018

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Simple Nail Designs – There are various simple ways you can make your nails look cute yet using simple nail designs. They are simple to maintain and lasts relatively longer. The most commonly used simple nail design involves white polish, a cute heart outline and sparkles. The following are tips on how you can easily create such a design at your home.

High Quality Nail Polish

The quality of the polish you are using really contributes to great looking nails. If you decide to settle on old and very cheaper polish then the outcome may not be that pleasing. Poor quality polish won’t last longer and chips quickly. Simple nail design is something you should enjoy and last longer.

Smart Beginnings

Before you commence the design process, ensure that you put a strengthener base on the nails. This will help you in protecting your nails. Afterwards, use white polish coat and after it has dried, add another white polish coat layer and then give it time to dry.

Cute Middles

The next tip is to use to different colors of your choice and a cosmetic sponge to get the results. In most cases, people prefer using deep red along with the bright pink. Using the cosmetic sponge, lightly dip into the red color and dab this at the base corner of the nail. Then, using the same cosmetic sponge, dab the pink along the edges of the nail tips.

Glitter and Finale

The last tip is to spackle the red and pink areas and give it time to dry. Finish your design by using a very fine paint brush to draw the heart at the center. For better results, draw the hearts on each nail facing different direction. This will create a romantic appeal and make your nail look very cute. This are the simple tips which you can use making simple nail designs.

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