Jun 28, 2018

11 Easy Nail Art Tutorial for Beginners 2018(NEW)

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During the lunch hours in your office yesterday you were completely fascinated by the colorful nail decorations in your colleague Linda’s nail. This was not the first instance where you had seen nail art, your young niece regularly sports geometrical designs in her nails. Being a conservative dresser yourself you had no idea regarding this nail painting trend. You asked Linda what it was. Linda like a mother goose explained that this type if nail painting was known as nail art. Since there were a few handy minutes in hand Linda explained to you about nail art and what basic things you would learn in a Nail art tutorial.

What are the basic things covered in a tutorial which introduces you to nail art?

1.    The first thing that you would be taught in a Nail Art Tutorial is to clean your nails before nail art is done on them. There are many types of brushes available in the market which can help you to clean your nails and prepared them for nail art applications. Here you would need to remove any old nail polish that might be in your nails with a nail polish remover. The second step in your clean process would be to use a nail filer and shape your nails. There are two ways to shape your nails, the first could be squaring your nails and the second would be rounding them in the sides. Here you would need to take care that all the shapes have the same size. This proportion would help you to add beauty to your nails.

2. The second step is designing your nails. The first thing that you do here is apply a base coat to your nails and this would be a light colored nail polish which is available easily. This base polish also prevents your nails from becoming yellow. Now choose your nail art design and paint your nails accordingly. Finesse in nail art is acquired over time and it is best to start with nail designs which are simple and then move to complicated designs. You can use one or many colors to enjoy a funky nail art design as per your personal requirements.

3. The final step in the Nail Art Tutorial would teach you to apply a final transparent polish which would seal all the colors in your nail art design. It is best to use two or three colors in your nail design. Otherwise your nail design would get spoilt. You can also add stones in your nail art design if required and stick them with special glues.

4. Once the nail paints have been dried, you can wash the area with clean water and mild soap.

Simple tips to enjoy great nail art on your designs

• When you choose a nail polish for your nail art design you should use colors with high pigmentation. Here the nail polish application would be minimum and you would make fewer silly mistakes.

• Always use a base coat when you start your nail art design. This helps the design to stay for longer periods.

• After you have completed your nail art design, there would be a few lines here and there in your nails. You would need to wait the nail paints to dry and then remove the extra lines around your nails. This would also help it to look professional. Be careful when you are using the remover. Otherwise you might destroy a part of the nail art design in your nails.

• When you start doing nail art, you might not finish with a perfect design. Do not worry about this. Over a period of time and practice you would be able to learn this art and then you can go with complicated designs.

• Help your nails to breathe and for a few weeks do not apply any nail polish in your nails.

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