Jun 25, 2018
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11 Cute Pink Nail Designs – Pink Nail Art Ideas 2018

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Pink nail designs are very cute and sweet, you just have to get inspired and explore more with the color and the designs so you will get used with pinky nail art. Actually, there are many kind of pink colors, starting from the brightest pink to the darkest pink. Every pink color has its own characteristics and different pink color will suit different skin color. If your skin is dark, avoid wearing hot pink because that won’t look great unless you’re confident with it.

Pink nail designs are formed into many designs, you can create flowery nail arts with pink design, you can put any cute character and apply it on your nail art like hello kitty, but you can also find other kind of random patterns like stiletto or leopard designs. Pink nail designs are very cute, these pink designs are very suitable for a girly go lucky girl.

Cute Pink Nail Designs Gallery:

pinit fg en rect red 28 - 11 Cute Pink Nail Designs - Pink Nail Art Ideas 2018

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