Jun 18, 2018

10 Pretty Flower Nail Art Designs

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Flower nail design is perfect for you who want to look graceful, elegant and feminine. Impression caused by the interest certainly is a beauty that represents the form of a woman. On the issue of developed techniques, flower design has two types namely the type of flowers are small and large flower types. Usually type of small flowers will form a beautiful series and connected with the trunk. Whereas, big flower nail art will show off the shape of flowers incline it.

The thing that you can play on the type of flower nail art is color. Flower is one of the ideas that developed from your own environment but by no means should be similar to the real ones. You can use colors such as pink to emphasize the impression of cute and girly. While to give the impression of grace and elegance you can use black and purple colors. Blend some colors will also further enhance the overall appearance.

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